A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

No longer are companies looking at video surveillance and monitoring as an expensive, non-revenue producing venture. As electronics become more miniaturized and affordable, businesses are taking advantage to help further reduce costly losses as described below. The following, demonstrates a couple of areas in which you (the business owner) have control over. Savings in these areas should be considered as valuable as the revenue which supports your business.

Employee and Customer Theft – Like it or not, someone is stealing from you. It may be something as small as a candy bar from your dime store, or as large as the nicest Mercedes on your luxury car lot. A Camera system properly set-up, can catch them “in the act,” and help you recover what is rightfully yours. A simple system capable of helping you determine where your money is going, pays for itself. But… A word of caution.. You may be surprised to find out who is the worst offender.

Workmans Compensation Costs – On the job injuries are one of the most costly elements of business. (next to high taxes) You can observe unsafe work habits, potential pitfalls, and horseplay by reviewing your recorded video from time to time. You may be able to recover your costs for the system immediately from your insurance provider.

Poor Use of Time on the Job – Some people do not understand the meaning of a good work ethic. Perhaps they think you “owe” them a living, or simply do not have the skills necessary to be a part of your team. Find out who is “sleeping on the job,” or wasting time on unproductive tasks with a review of their activities from time to time. Poor time use is as costly as theft.

Armed Robbery and Break-in Costs – With a video record of these events, you can assist law enforcement’s efforts to quickly solve crimes, and recover your losses much faster. Again, insurance providers look favorably on this type of protection. – Speaking with an Allstate Rep here in Michigan, I was told it is safe to assume the average retail operation can see savings of 5%+ on their insurance bill if underwritten properly.

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