Air-Alarm – A Great Alternative to Subscription Based Alarms

Many people wish they could have an alarm system for their homes or businesses, but they are shocked and daunted by subscription based alarms and their costs.  For people looking for a cost effective alarm that won’t break the bank, a DIY (do it yourself) solution is just the ticket.  So in light of this we will go over the Air-Alarm series by Securityman, and the possibilities it offers.


Many of the features that subscription based services offer are also available in the Air-Alarm DIY kits.  Features such as motion detectors,  door and window sensors, sirens, and remote activation key chains are all standard components of the Air-Alarm.  One of the main features that is offered is the ability to call multiple numbers if the alarm is set off, but to use this feature a land line phone is required.  On top of that up to 60 different wireless sensors can be used in conjunction with the kits to provide a great deal of defense for your home or business.

Varying Models / Expandability

To help you with not only your budget but with your specific level of protection needed, Securityman offers a few different Air-Alarm packages.  From the basic economy kit to the deluxe kits, each of these have varying numbers of sensors and components included.  Each of these kits however has the ability to be further upgraded with additional sensors to reach the max potential of 60 sensors in total.  So no matter which kit your budget allows for in the beginning, it can be built upon until it fully meets your needs.

Securityman Air-Alarm2 D.I.Y. Wireless Home Alarm System Kit W/ Doorbell

Future Updates & Specialized Components

Not only does the Air-Alarm system provide for the basic alarm features and functionality of a subscription based service, but it also offers some specialized components for unique uses.  Components such as solar powered motion detectors and PIR motion sensing cameras are also available to be integrated into the Air-Alarm packages.  This is not all however!  Future upgraded sensors and components are coming out all the time, and sensors such as a GSM enabled call out feature that can use a cell phone rather than a land line is already in the works.  So not only will you be purchasing a cost effective alarm system without monthly based fees, you will also be setting the groundwork for future enhancements and additional protection for your facilities.

All Around Deterrent

Visual stimulation is a large percentage of deterring would be trespassers.  By installing the Air-Alarm kit and posting the warning signs that come with it, you will be effectively eliminating most of your would be malcontents.  To further enhance this part of the Air-Alarm deterrence you might also look into grabbing a few of Securityman’s dummy cameras as an added benefit.

Ultimately the Securityman Air-Alarm provides a great alternative to subscription based alarm systems at a fraction of the cost, and with the same potential.

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