All In One Spy Gadget

Lets take a glance at a spy gadget that serves multiple needs and is quite a cool design.  The spy gadget I’m talking about is the CL-DVR which is a covertly designed alarm clock that can record audio, video, and be a functional alarm clock.  In fact this alarm clock DVR (digital video recorder) can record to an SD card and make backing up your video to your computer that much easier.

COP-USA CL-DVR Covert Alarm Clock Spy DVR With 4GB Memory

Covert Alarm Clock Security Camera

Picture this if you will:

You leave your home for a night on the town with your significant other.  Meanwhile a miscreant who has been casing your home for the past week now finds his golden opportunity has arrived and he begins to infiltrate your domicile.  Knowing that your wife has a keen eye when it comes to exotic and expensive jewelry; he immediately heads to the bedroom to ransack the nightstand.

Little does he know that while he pilfers and burgles your possessions he is being recorded by an otherwise inconspicuous alarm clock.  In fact he may notice the time and decide he needs to leave; well smile for the camera jerk as you won’t get away with your indecency for long.

This is just one possibility and use that the CL-DVR can fill as it is an extremely useful and well designed covert surveillance solution for the home or business.

Furthermore a few features include:

* HD 1280 x 960 Covert Camera
* Covert Alarm Clock DVR Design
* Video Recording Up To 2 Hours
* Motion Detection Recording
* 4GB Built In Memory
* Rechargeable Battery

If this spy gadget intrigues your curiosity it can be found here with even more information.

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