Amazing New Dome Camera Deal

We have an amazing new analog security camera deal going on that we just couldn’t wait to share with you!

The KT&C VDS302 security camera is a regular masterpiece in the analog surveillance world. This dome camera is able to be used in almost any environment, thanks to its IP68 rated weatherproof and vandalproof housing; and it even can be used in an outstanding -40°C temperatures.

Additionally when it comes to angle of view, this security camera isn’t a slouch either. The VDS302 has a 2.8mm – 11mm varifocal lens that allows you to get a rather close up narrow view, or to adjust to a much wider view with the 2.8mm setting. This provides for a certain level of versatility that isn’t found with some other security cameras.

KT&C KPC-VDS302 750TVL Outdoor Vandalproof Dome Security Camera

Other features that are of extreme value to this dome camera include it’s dual voltage capabilities, and it’s 3 axis gimble. With dual voltage you are providing an ability to use either 12VDC or 24VAC power to keep your camera running. This makes it much easier on the installer and designer of your surveillance system to have multiple options to work with, and not run into a power issue that a 12VDC camera might have when trying to be installed into a 24VAC surveillance system.

Finally when it comes to image control this dome camera is packed with features to adjust to the perfect picture for your needs. These features include BLC (backlight compensation), HLC (highlight compensation), EWDR (electronic wide dynamic range), DSS (digital slow shutter), digital day/night, and many more to help enhance your 750TVL resolution!

So in the end if you’re looking for a top notch security camera that not only will enhance your surveillance system, but will also serve up some amazing benefits and features; then take a good hard look at the VDS302 from KT&C!

Intrigued?  We knew you would be…..

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