Amazing New NVR (Network Video Recorder)

There is a new DVR, or should I say NVR that we are particularly proud of and it’s available now. As we progress towards IP cameras and their eventual takeover of the surveillance world we have come to find a great new NVR (Network Video Recorder) that is ready for that bold new world.

G4-NVR-P 16 Channel NVR (Network Video Recorder) W/ 1TB HDD & Onvif Support

The G4-NVR-P is a fantastic 16 channel NVR for monitoring and recording up to 16 IP cameras. This NVR is quite the product that has features such as 4 port PoE, HMDI output, a 1TB HDD (Upgradeable), and so much more.

The G4-NVR-P also comes with support for Onvif cameras, and it has smartphone capabilities for remote access.

Want to know more? Come take a look at this great product!

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