An Alarming Sale!

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your Securityman alarm system, or to finally purchase one, then we have an amazing deal for you!  We are offering a 5% off coupon until the end of the month on all Securityman alarm systems and alarm accessories!  Just use the code “Alarming” during checkout and you will get 5% off your entire purchase of related products!  Products like the Air-Alarm economy system,

Securityman Air-Alarm2 D.I.Y. Wireless Home Alarm System Kit W/ DoorbellOr a variety of Air-Alarm accessories!

Air-Alarm AccessoriesHeck we’ll even throw in a dummy camera as part of the sale.  So use your coupon code and add a Dummy for additional deterrence!

Dummy Dome Surveillance CameraSo what are you waiting for?  Get started!

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