An Expandable Wireless Home Security System

Ever consider getting a surveillance system for your home or business, but always felt a bit deterred when it came to price?  Well we’re here to tell you about a great solution that can offer an affordable solution that can be expanded with additional cameras as you see fit.

Go digital with your wireless security needs; the simplest and most secure way to protect your home and business.

DigiLCDDVR2 4CH Wireless Security System W/ 7” LCD/SD DVR & 2 Outdoor IR Cameras

The DigiLCDDVR2 is a D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) complete digital wireless security system. The DigiLCDDVR2 includes two weatherproof digital wireless cameras and a 7” LCD/SD DVR combo.

Compared to full version digital video recording (DVR) systems, the DigiLCDDVR2 is much less complicated to operate, much more affordable, and can be installed in minutes. Simply insert a SD card (not included) into the LCD monitor, position and mount the cameras, plug in all the power adapters and you are ready to record.

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