Audio Surveillance For Additional Security

Audio surveillance can be an added benefit to your surveillance system when video isn’t enough.  Sometimes you can add simple microphones to your already audio capable security camera, or you can use an actual audio monitoring kit like the Louroe ASK-4-KIT-101.

Before we look at the ASK-4-KIT-101 it is a good idea to know the audio surveillance laws in your region.

Audio Surveillance

The Louroe Electronics ASK-4-KIT-101 is a single zone audio monitoring system, designed for audio monitoring and interfacing with a DVR or VCR. The desktop base unit has a 3″ speaker for monitoring live audio as well as playback. Special built-in filtering enhances audio playback from a 24 hour time-lapse recorder.

The Louroe Electronics ASK-4-KIT-101 audio monitoring kit uses a low impedance electret condenser microphone that is designed for ceiling mount and can pick up normal sounds approximately 15′ away or within a 30′ diameter circle.  Distance between microphone and base station can be up to 1,000 ft.

ASK-4-KIT-101 Package Includes

■ Verifact Model A Microphone
■ Model APR-1 Desk Top Base Station
■ Model AD-1 12VDC Power Supply
■ Dual RCA cable for connection to DVR/VCR

ASK-4-KIT-101 Features:

■ Up To 1000′ Distances
■ Interfaces With a DVR or VCR
■ Single Zone Audio Monitoring
■ Built-In 3″ Speaker

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