CCTV Opportunities And Savings

Technology is one of those things that becomes more affordable as it improves.

Most folks might recognize that a loaf of bread has gone up in price, yet 40″ sized monitors have become dramatically cheaper.   Innovation, and the constant pressure to improve quality, add features, and gain market share are in large part the driving force behind getting more bang for your buck.

In Security and the CCTV field it is no different.  In fact, there are other factors in play here as well.  One of those is the rapid increases in storage capacity, and ability to integrate security camera systems with mobile phones or other internet applications.  The old products that do not have such abilities are still being made, or are still around, but carry a dramatically smaller demand.

That lowered demand means savings to the buyer of CCTV products.  especially if the buyer does not need all of the bells and whistles.

Currently, on our own shelves, (ICU 231-932-9550) we have new in the box DVRs and security recording equipment we will have to sell below cost.  Add to this, a number of  b-stock or repaired camera items, a person looking to set up a security camera system could do so on the cheap by giving us a call and indicating they would be willing to purchase these things.

A perfect example of what is available would be the little four channel DVR to the right.  the video quality is as good as any of the newer units, but it doesn’t have network capability.    Its easy to use, with playback at the same time as recording, motion detection etc.. but no way to remove the video in order to view elsewhere, unless you record the events to another device.

Its pretty much a glorified quad processor, but little more.  Even with the high quality recording, it has limited use, and commands a small demand.  We have two of these left, and would likely take HALF of what our current sale price is to move them.

And it is not alone.  I have more NEW units that have been on the shelf  but are taking up space only.  8 and 16 channel DVRs that work fine have network, but have limited features as compared to the newest models coming out.

This is of course, an ongoing affair.  But there are times like right now, where the change in 3G technology, and broad changeover in Hard drive format, makes some of the technology advances more stark, and the savings greater.  This wouldn’t be considered a ‘SALE’, but it is an opportunity.

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