Cheap Security Camera Solution

Sometimes money plays a large factor in what someone can afford for their surveillance system.  Unfortunately strict budgets can sometimes extremely hamper the type and amount of equipment that is available to a person.  Furthermore a lot of the time the cheaper side of the equipment range tends to be the more simplistic and less feature rich than a more expensive piece might be.  Well that isn’t always the case; in comes the Gold G-IR.

The Gold G-IR is a great little infrared dome security camera with a good bang for the buck.  This IR camera packs a lot of great security camera features into a unit that has a price of only $49.95, and anyone who has shopped around for security cameras will see quite the value in this unit.

Now even though there are security cameras on the market with much more impressive features and specifications; this camera is unique in its balance between quality features and an affordable price tag.  This ability to balance the two makes this a very attractive purchase to people looking to have a smaller surveillance system setup in their home or business.

Gold G-IR Color 420 TV Line 3.6mm Infrared CCTV Dome Security Camera

A few of the Gold G-IR features include:

* 420 TV Line Resolution
* SHARP Chipset
* 12 IR (Infrared) LEDs (15 Meter Distance)
* White Coloring
* 3.6mm Lens (Upgrades Available Below)
* Power Supply Not Included (Upgrade Available)
* Cable options available
* 1/4″ CCD

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