Cheap Surveillance Opportunity

For a lot of people out there, surveillance equipment can be a very intimidating and seemingly expensive venture.  This can be true at times; however with a little knowledge and help from professional surveillance dealers and installers, it can become a rather affordable option for home security.  In fact deals of enormous savings can be found if looked for hard enough.  A few examples include a great savings as found in the G-IR made by GOLD.

This security camera is an amazing piece of technology for the price.  It includes IR (Infrared) LED’s for nighttime applications and it is a handy dome style security camera with a decent 420TVL resolution.  Furthermore this camera is currently selling for only $42.95.  This is an amazing price for a quality security camera and extremely affordable for a surveillance solution.

Gold G-IR Color 420 TV Line 3.6mm Infrared CCTV Dome Security Camera

This camera can be found here:

Another cctv product that can be expensive at times is a high quality cctv lens for your CS mount style surveillance camera.  Alas with a little more digging you can find acceptable solutions such as the G358MAN, which offers a nice manual iris solution with a 3.5 – 8mm focal length.  Don’t look now, but this lens is selling for only $24.95!!

GOLD G358MAN 3.5mm - 8mm Manual Iris CCTV LensThis lens can be found here:

So with a little bit of digging and some help from your friendly surveillance providers it can be a rather pleasant and affordable experience to get yourself setup with a security solution for your home or business.

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