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When considering a surveillance system, people will debate the issue of whether they want a covert system or a standard deterrent. This issue is tricky as it will mostly depend on the needs and circumstances of the application. To help alleviate some stress when making this decision, we will address various situations in which each type would be preferable.

Covert Solutions

There are 3 main scenarios in which a covert surveillance solution would be more applicable.

1. Catching a trespasser/burglar who has already struck multiple times.

2. Monitoring worker productivity for evaluation.

3. Using it as a nanny cam or baby monitor to help protect your children.

In all 3 of these situations you will want to make sure to have the equipment installed properly to make best use of its capabilities. To do this you will either want to familiarize yourself with the equipment and make sure you are confident enough to do the install, or you will want to hire a professional.

When you decide to install your equipment there are a few tips you will want to use. Firstly you want to have the install done during off work hours or when your business is shut down for the day; this way no employee of burglar will get wind of it. After that, if you hired an installer, you will want to talk with them and ensure they don’t show up in a company vehicle, as this will have the potential to tip off the thief as well.

As a final thought pertaining to covert surveillance, it is worth noting that covert equipment tends to be pricier than normal surveillance deterrents.

Obvious Deterrents

Obvious Deterrents are best when it comes to the following situations.

1. When an all around deterrent to criminal activity is wanted.

2. When you want the potential to stop a crime before it even happens.

3. When you want not only a visual deterrent, but a fully functioning source of evidence to prosecute with.

In these scenarios the main word to take away is deterrent. The biggest win for a surveillance system is when it stops a crime from happening in the first place; the way that it does this is purely on a visual basis. Humans as a rule are very visual creatures, and when they get a good look at a surveillance camera, they become much less apt to attempt any sort of crime in the vicinity as it becomes that much harder to get away with it.

Furthermore if the visual stimulation isn’t enough to deter a criminal you are still covered by having a system that will record and store the crime as it takes place. This way you have the additional security of being able to use that video as evidence towards prosecuting the offender.

Now if you have already had reoccurring criminal activity in your area this can be a great way to stop that from happening; however if you want to catch the criminals, then at this point a covert solution may be a better idea to begin with.

Additionally it should be noted that for a cash strapped individual you can purchase dummy cameras and surveillance signs to provide purely visual deterrents that will be far cheaper than fully functioning systems.

Every application is somewhat different and it may take a combination of these two types of systems, but by knowing your application and what you want to accomplish you should be able to come up with the right solution for your needs.

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