Creative Use of Surveillance Equipment

Creative Ways To Use Surveillance Equipment Beyond Protection
By Christian M Gillman

Surveillance equipment is a great solution when it comes to protecting your home or business, but there are other uses for security products as well. Let’s go over a few different interesting and creative uses for security cameras and other surveillance equipment.

Home Inspection

Are you a landlord who owns several homes in your area, or even around the country or world? Not only can you protect your investments with surveillance equipment, but why not use them to inspect and maintain your property as well.

For example let’s say that a blizzard swept through a home you own in Michigan, but you are currently in Florida. By getting the right DVR and a few security cameras, you now have the opportunity to use a computer or even your cell phone to inspect and check your home for any damage or problems that may have arose due to the blizzard.

Now if you’re a landlord with large amounts of homes and investments; think about how this could quickly turn into a very useful tool for keeping track of and helping maintain your properties. In fact if one of your tenants has a complaint about the maintenance of one of your properties you now potentially will have the ability to inspect their complaint and take the appropriate action without having to leave your home.

Web Videos

With a DVR and a few different security cameras you could setup your own home studio to do small home based productions. By having a DVR record all of your security cameras, you now have different angles of your choosing to go through and edit together to make a well put together home production. This of course could lead to more elaborate home videos and cool ideas to share with your family or use on YouTube.

Business Builder

One final idea that could be a potential use for surveillance equipment beyond protection is that of Product Showcasing. Maybe you run home based business or just sell products online around the country or world. Why not setup a live stream of a couple security cameras through your DVR. This way you can showcase some of your products to potential buyers.

For example let’s say that you sell custom made shirts and other clothing paraphernalia. Well if a customer places an order, they will probably want to see an example of their order before purchasing in bulk. With a quick relaying of your IP address and by using a guest password you can show your customer the example they desire in real time; thus allowing yourself to make a sale that might not have happened otherwise.

These are just a few different and creative uses for surveillance equipment, but there are many more uses for security cameras and other CCTV products; so I implore you to visit our website and see if there are any creative and useful ways you can find to use CCTV equipment.

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