CS Vs C Mount Cameras – Take Off The Ring

One of the oldest and most popular types of camera in the market today is your standard box style C or CS mount security camera. This style of camera has to have a lens mounted to it via a C or CS style CCTV lens, and this difference in mounting can impact whether you get a clear and focused image or a fuzzy screen; it could potentially even mean having a damaged CCD (charge coupled device) chip. So lets take a look at C and CS mount CCTV lenses and how they differ.

CS Mount Security Cameras

When using a CS mount camera you are able to use either CS mount or C mount CCTV lenses; as long as you take the time to mount them properly. When using a CS mount camera you can utilize a C mount lens rather well; however when doing this it will require that you use a 5mm ring that mounts in between the lens and the camera. This ring allows your security camera to have the proper distance between the lens and the CCD chip so it can focus properly. Furthermore if you do not use this ring you run the risk of damaging your CCD chip.

C Mount Security Cameras

On the other hand, when using a C mount security camera you cannot use a CS mount CCTV lens. The reason for this is because a CS mount lens needs to be much closer to the CCD chip to obtain a proper focus. Since this is a C mount camera you won’t be able to get the CS mount lens close enough to be able to focus.


A lot of the time when someone is using a CS mount security camera they will sometimes get a fuzzy picture and not be able to focus the image properly. If you look at what we have discussed so far you can probably figure out a possible solution to this. The most common mistake people make is that they will mount their CS mount lens onto their security camera while the 5mm ring is still attached. This ring is only useful if you are using a C mount lens. By simply removing this ring they will allow the CS lens to get close enough to the CCD chip to obtain a proper focus.

By taking the time to understand these differences in mounting for C and CS mount cameras and lenses you will help prevent damages to your surveillance equipment and reduce your workload.

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