Don’t Forget About This 3MP Beauty

When choosing a security camera for your surveillance system, you want to be sure it’s the proper camera for your needs. The Gen IV IP7 is what is called an IP camera or network camera. An IP camera has the ability to transfer its video over a CAT network cable rather than a standard coaxial cable that an analog or HD-SDI camera might use. Additionally with its built in PoE (power over ethernet) functionality, you can even transfer your power over the same cable; thus eliminating the need for multiple cable runs!

On top of being an IP camera, the IP7 also is a weather resistant bullet camera. This allows for use in applications where environmental conditions may warrant extra protection from elements such as rain and snow!

Last of all the this is a security camera with a fantastic image sensor. The IP7 has a 3 megapixel image sensor that allows for high fidelity images and crystal clear video resolutions that can be displayed at a crisp 1080P HD! So if any of these features sound like a fit for your IP surveillance system, then take a look at the IP7 from Gen IV Technology!

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