Equipping A CS Mount Security Camera

Equipping A CS Mount Security Camera

By Christian M Gillman

A common type of security camera used in the surveillance industry is the C/CS mount security camera, also known as the box style security camera. These cameras provide a bit more versatility and functionality than some other types of security cameras, but they also require a few more accessories.


Lenses are the biggest versatility factor that C/CS mount security cameras have going for them. These types of CCTV cameras have the ability to use a wide range of different CCTV lenses with different features ranging from focal lengths to auto iris capabilities. By having an idea of what you want your surveillance camera to view, and how you want it to function; you can choose an appropriate lens to fit your situation.

It should be noted that you will need either a C or CS mount lens depending on your security camera, and you should know which before looking into lenses. Additionally there are adapters available to mount either type of lens if needed.

When it comes to other types of security cameras; generally the biggest lens adjustment you can make has to do with focal length and not much else.

Housings / Mounts

In general C/CS mount cameras don’t have any form of vandal resistant or weather proofing features; so you will need to add that in with a couple accessories.

To begin you will want to get a housing for your camera to prevent tampering, and to prevent weather elements should you choose to use your cctv camera outside. These will generally come with a few different styles and options of their own; such as equipping them with a heater and/or blower to help mitigate high or low temperature environments. Additionally you can buy face plates that attach to your housing and add IR functionality.

After you have your housing you will need to buy a mount for it (if it doesn’t already come with one). When choosing a mount, the main thing you will have to concern yourself with is whether you want it to mount to a ceiling or wall. After you’ve made this decision, you will be able to choose accordingly.

A good combination of mount and housing can be found under the COP-USA line of CCTV products under the part numbers B006 and AH25 respectively. These products will provide a good example and standard for housing and mount specifications and uses.


Alright the main downfalls to using a C/CS mount security camera are as follows.

Firstly if you were to buy either a bullet or dome style security camera; then most likely you will have a camera that already has a housing and mount system built right into the product.

Secondly it will take a bit more effort and time to install a C/CS mount security camera, as it has the extra accessories that will also have to be installed.

These two downfalls alone may be enough to detour some from looking at C/CS mount cameras entirely, but it would not necessarily be wise to do so. The reason I say that is because with a C/CS mount security camera you are making the customization and versatility of your surveillance system that much easier. Furthermore by not having the mount or housing systems built right onto the camera as the other styles do; you are providing yourself with products that can be taken apart and used with other new or perhaps working equipment if there is a failure, or if you simply decide to upgrade your system.

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