Goodbye Analog – Digital Is Here To Stay

Like a lot of people, you’ve probably read about or at least heard about the ability for strangers to use a wireless baby monitor and tap into old analog wireless surveillance systems all over the country. If you haven’t heard about it, it is sufficient to know that this was and is quite the concern and a worry to people about their privacy being breached. This intrusion into people’s homes is rapidly coming to a stop thanks to wireless DIGITAL surveillance technology.

Digital wireless surveillance systems are leaps and bounds more secure and useful than older analog systems by far for multiple reasons. Interference issues, transmission distances, and privacy are a few of the reasons that digital surveillance is superior, and we will cover all 3.

Interference Free

With older analog wireless systems, you always ran the chance of getting interference in your video signal. This would happen when the wireless system would run into cordless phone signals, wireless routers, or other old analog devices. With digital wireless surveillance equipment these interference issues are a thing of the past. By using methods such as pair matching and channel switching your surveillance system can keep its signals clean.

Transmission Distance

Older analog systems were severely limited (around 200ft if you’re lucky) in their transmission distances especially indoors, and they were prone to fuzzy signals and worse reception the further you went. With a digital signal you have a greatly improved transmission distance (around 400ft – sometimes more), and the signal generally stays quite robust and clear up until the max distance in achieved. Additionally more information can be passed through a digital signal, which allows for high resolutions, better audio capabilities, and so much more.

Better Privacy

As we mentioned earlier, people had the ability to break into analog surveillance systems by using a wireless baby monitor. The reason for this was that most analog surveillance systems were all using the same frequencies and you could easily match one wireless device to the others. With digital wireless technologies you eliminate this problem as the devices are matched to each other and keep their channels secure from other devices interloping.

In the end it is quite apparent that digital surveillance is going to win the day when it comes to wireless security, and as prices come down you will see more and more people switching over from analog to a digital solution.

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