HomeDVR – User Friendly Digital Video Recorder Solution

Home surveillance has always been a daunting task to a lot of people.  Trying to find the right surveillance equipment and products to work in your home or small business wasn’t always easy and could often be the source of many headaches.  Furthermore the installation of the equipment could be even more stressful after the purchase.  This was generally the feeling for a long time until Securityman hit the scene with some very friendly and easy to install products including wireless cameras, monitoring solutions, and even a great home alarm system.  The one thing that always seemed to be missing however was a user friendly and easy to install DVR (Digital Video Recorder).  Once again Securityman has provided the solution in one of their newest products; the HomeDVR.

SecurityMan HomeDVR Mini MPEG4 DVR Digital Video Recorder W/ USB Backup

The HomeDVR is a great little unit packed with a load of neat features.  This mini digital video recorder first and foremost passes conventional DVR’s that use hard drives to record to, and instead uses SD Flash cards for its video backup (Up To 32GB).  Of course that’s not all that makes this little DVR unit a great find; no this mini DVR also includes a lot of the features found in some of your higher end units, including things like motion detection, overwrite functionality, alarm integration, and much more.  So with features such as these Securityman has provided a great way for smaller surveillance systems to have a recording solution without hassling with the more installation intensive DVR systems.

A few of the HomeDVR features include:

* Easy-to-use basic digital video recorder
* Schedule, manual, or motion recording
* 24 – 404 hours recording time for a 32GB SD (not included) upon various setting
* Date & time stamp footages
* Two video and audio inputs (one active channel for recording) & one video and audio output
* Alarm integration with one alarm input and one alarm output
* USB port for backup, download and playback
* Easy operation by remote controller and front panel
* Overwrite function when SD is full

The HomeDVR can be found here: http://www.cu1.com/homedvr.html

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