Increase Marina Revenues With Surveillance

Marinas are great places where conventional and non conventional surveillance equipment can be used to your advantage. So whether you run or operate a private or public marina, let’s take a look at a couple different ideas of how different surveillance equipment can be used.

Conventional Surveillance System

Like any business or private residence, a standard surveillance system of some kind can be used to help protect your docks, offices, and parking areas from vandals, burglars, or other malcontents. In fact it can even be used as a type of reassurance and peace of mind for boaters who rent space from you. This way they will know that they’re boats and other assets are safe.

One way you might be able to offset the cost of a surveillance system is by offering personal surveillance cameras to renters who are willing to pay a premium or additional rent for the service. This service will be especially appealing to your renters if you have a networked surveillance system that they can watch from their mobile phones. All you would have to do is setup a personal account for each renter on your NVR and allow them access to only their camera.

This is the most basic way that surveillance can be used at a Marina, but not only can it provide protection; it can also provide a possible additional source of revenue.

Inspection Cameras – Rent Them Out

Another piece of surveillance equipment you could invest in is an underwater inspection camera. This piece of equipment could have multiple benefits to both you and your customers.

The benefit to your marina is twofold. The first being that you can use this inspection camera as a way to investigate and fix or maintain any structural problems your marina might have, thus saving you expensive future repairs. The second benefit to you is the main benefit to your customers as well, and that’s the ability to inspect boats and other watercraft for hull damage or other issues. This provides you with the benefit of being able to rent this equipment out for additional revenue, while at the same time allowing a customer a reasonably priced way to find problems before they become disastrous and leave you with a broken vessel in your marina. This becomes a win/win situation.

Additionally an underwater inspection camera could even be used as a temporary surveillance camera in a pinch.

These two ideas alone provide asset protection, new revenue sources, and peace of mind. So why not take a look around your marina and see if these ideas can help you, and ask yourself if there are any other ways surveillance equipment could enhance your business.

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