IR Capability For Your Old Security Camera

The ISO Rainbow VIR50 high powered infrared illuminator is a high quality cctv product with the ability to make your IR sensitive security camera capable of seeing in the dark and low light conditions.  This infrared illuminator also is weather resistant and usable in outdoor applications.

The ISO Rainbow VIR50 variable infrared illuminator series allows high power covert to near covert lighting to a wide range of targets, and applications. Variable intensity and width with far reaching light gives maximum flexibility to nighttime monitoring of sensitive installations. Shipping included FREE as always.

Rainbow VIR50 Variable IR Illuminators

The VIR50 series illuminator provides a variable solution for infrared illumination. High output, solid state illumination up to 130′. Price includes weatherproof IR Unit, power supply, and ground delivery. Power supply will accept 100-240VAC.

To learn more about this infrared illuminator you can find it here:

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