Keep Your Current Cameras & Use HD, Go Hybrid!

With a hybrid DVR you will have the capability to use your existing analog security cameras, and the ability to expand and start using the more modern and newer HD cameras as well.  This can provide quite the benefit as it will allow you to modernize while not having to completely redo your current surveillance system.  So in the spirit of using a hybrid DVR, lets talk about one in particular; the Everfocus EDR-HD-4H4.  This hybrid DVR is one capable of supporting 4 analog cameras and yet another 4 HDcctv HD over coax security cameras as well.  This makes for a great 8 camera system substitute or a 4 channel system upgrade that can even run on your existing coaxial cctv cables.

Everfocus EDR-HD-4H4 HD Hybrid DVR: 4 Channel HD & 4 Channel Analog W/ 4TB

Additionally the Everfocus EDR-HD-4H4 HDcctv DVR is capable of being networked and viewed on both mobile phone platforms and computer browsers. Furthermore this hybrid 8 channel DVR has a built in DVD burner and USB slots for backing up and archiving your video footage.  So with all these great features, you have the ability to expand, upgrade and preserve your current surveillance system.

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Need a hybrid that can use IP cameras and not HD over coax?  Don’t fret as there are a number of IP hybrids as well.

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