Leave The House – Mobile Surveillance

Leave The House – Mobile Surveillance

By Christian M Gillman

When the mind conjures up images of surveillance equipment and CCTV technologies it is usually pretty standard. People will tend to think about stationary street cameras or the small dome cameras on their local marketplace ceilings. These of course are some of the staple pieces of surveillance equipment available; however they are far from being the only possibilities that the CCTV marketplace has to offer. In fact most people don’t realize the large variety of mobile applications that can be accomplished these days. From mobile DVR’s to cameras and more we will look at some of the various mobile surveillance equipment that is available.

Mobile DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders)

Mobile DVR’s aren’t all that new, but they are starting to make a lot of headway in the marketplace as consumers are learning of their potential benefits. Mobile DVR’s have found homes in private investigation, law enforcement, and much more. By providing a stable and quality unit with features such as shock absorption and wireless connectivity; these mobile DVR’s have made it so recording surveillance is no longer limited to a set location.

Mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Portable Surveillance Cameras

With Mobile DVR’s being available, many people question their use if you don’t have a portable security camera. To be honest if people think there aren’t any portable surveillance cameras available; then they haven’t been looking very hard. There are so many portable camera possibilities nowadays that it boggles the mind. From wireless WIFI type cameras with network connectivity (EAN800AW), to portable covert pen cameras (KPC-150PA) there is an abundance of options available.

Miscellaneous Surveillance Equipment

To make your surveillance system truly portable and mobile you will have options to fill in the system gaps as well. Wireless equipment is available for almost any piece of surveillance equipment and will eliminate the need for items such as CCTV cables and connectors. Various shock resistant mounting solutions can also be found to make sure your equipment is secure. Furthermore shock absorbing monitors, rack mounts and all kinds of other surveillance goodies are available as well.

To put it simply with these type of options available to consumers; surveillance equipment has moved from a standard fixed location solution; to a mobile possibility for a multitude of CCTV applications. So if you are in the market for a surveillance system that has the flexibility to be moved to various locations on the fly; then you should consider looking into all the mobile surveillance equipment available today.

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