Looking For A Covert Nanny Cam? Try A Teddy!

The Teddy-001 is a baby watch camera and listen system, with built-in cctv security camera in a teddy bear which transmits audio and video information to another location in your home. Whenever the parents hear a noise from the baby, they simply change channels on the TV and they can see the baby utilizing this covert security camera.

With the Teddy-001 parents can monitor babies or children anywhere in the nursery or play room. The adorable cctv covert camera appearance design ensures that children do not feel uncomfortable while being monitored. Product contains a wireless 2.4GHz transmitter, teddy bear camera and antenna concealed within an ordinary item.

Wireless Teddy Bear Cam 2.4Ghz Nursery CCTV Security Camera

The Transmitter Unit sends a video/audio signal to the receiver up to 100 meter away from the line of sight. The receiver can be connected to either a TV, monitor or DVR.


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