Looking For Audio Surveillance?

Are you looking for a great audio surveillance system to enhance your video surveillance system?  Maybe you want to record conversations or monitor employees for future reference and quality control.  Whatever your audio surveillance needs are, we’re pretty sure that we have the solutions to your problems.

We have a number of different manufacturers that provide audio surveillance equipment of all kinds.

First off we have Louroe Electronics products that include audio monitoring kits, microphones, base stations and more.  Louroes products are very high quality and they will work wonders in a number of applications.

Take a look:  http://www.cu1.com/louroeelectr.html

HS11 Outdoor Horn Speaker

Next up is the ever popular ETS (Electronic Technical Services).  ETS has a large lineup of top notch high quality audio surveillance equipment ranging from microphones to speakers and even full pre-made audio surveillance kits.  Additionally a majority of their products can be interfaced with DVRs and other types of digital recorders to help interconnect your audio and video surveillance systems.

Furthermore we are currently updating and adding to our lineup of ETS products, so check back daily for new specials, products, and enhancements to their great product lineup.

Take a look:  http://www.cu1.com/eltese.html

Finally we do want to stress that when it comes to audio surveillance it may be unlawful to install listening and audio recording equipment in certain environments. It is the responsibility of the installation company and end user to comply with state and federal laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney.

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