Make Money With Surveillance Equipment

Make Money With Surveillance Equipment

By Christian M Gillman

Installing a surveillance system in your home or business, and have the urge to try and make some money with this type of equipment? There are quite a few different ways you can use CCTV products and surveillance equipment to make a little bit of extra cash or even make a living. It all depends on the amount of work you want to put into it; so we will show you a few different ways with varying difficulty that this can be done with.

Become A Dealer / Installer – Difficulty: Higher Expertise Needed

If you feel you have an aptitude for installing a running electronics, as well as a good technical know how; then this may be a great way to make a living.

To begin with you will need to set yourself up as a dealer with a surveillance distributor. By doing this you will gain access to dealer pricing schemes in which you can purchase bulk quantity of CCTV products at discounted prices. This will then allow you to mark up these products and either sell them to installers or customers yourself if you do not do the installation.

If you do decide to install the equipment as well; then you will also reap the benefit of being able to charge installation fees.

This can be a great way to make cash, but it will require a lot of hard work and research into things such as liability insurance for installations or return and warranty information for your products.

Re-purpose Old Surveillance Cameras – Difficulty: Low Level Of Experience Needed

This is by no means going to make you wealthy, but it can lead to a small side business for quick cash. What you can do to make money off of this is to search out old and broken security cameras, clean them up, and then sell them as dummy cameras to people on tight budgets who want a burglar deterrent at a cheaper price than they would pay for a fully functioning security camera.

To find these cameras you can search out businesses that are going under or surveillance installers with dead parts that would otherwise become tomorrows garbage.

Rent Out Cameras / Services – Difficulty: Medium Level Of Expertise Needed

This will require a bit of research on your part, but it can lead to a decent secondary income if you do it right.

Your first option can be to simply buy a set amount of surveillance equipment and then rent it out to customers on a daily basis or whatever time and pricing scheme that you seem fit to do. This may require getting a business license and making sure you have good policies in place to help protect your equipment from abuse.

Another route you could try taking is to become your neighborhoods surveillance monitor. In fact you could setup a system that monitors your neighborhood for illicit activity and then charge your neighbors for operating and monitoring this system. You should make sure that your neighbors agree to this before purchasing your equipment however.

Finally you could create a small company that specializes in monitoring peoples businesses and homes when they are away. For this to work, the establishments you are monitoring would need to have a surveillance system installed and have their feeds piped through a network so you could monitor them from home on your monitor setup. You could even offer to setup their surveillance network for them.

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