Nearly New Dummy Deterrent

This is a short post, but we just wanted to let everyone know of a newer dummy camera that is in the marketplace.  As we’ve talked about before; dummy cameras can be a great deterrent to would be intruders and burglars, at a fraction of the cost of a normal security camera.  This dummy camera performs that function flawlessly, and it’s made by SecurityMan; so you know it’s a quality piece of equipment.

Anyways here’s the long and short about this camera.

The SecurityMan dummy camera SM-2100 is designed as a professional security camera for deterring unwanted intruders by just a fraction of the cost of a real camera.

The SM-2100 comes with a flashing red LED light which enhances the presence of the camera. Additionally multiple Securityman dummy cameras can be used to mix in with real security cameras or individually to increase security presence anywhere.

SecurityMan SM-2100 Dummy Outdoor/Indoor Speed Dome Camera w/LED
SM-2100 Features:

■ Dummy speed dome camera type with flashing LED
■ Weather resistant
■ Plastic material
■ Wall mount/ceiling mount bracket
■ Powered by 2*AA batteries (not included)
■ Dimension: 24(H) x 12.8 (W) cm (9.5 x 5 inches)
■ Weight (net/gross): 0.6 lbs / 0.86 lbs

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