Perfect Surveillance For Private Eyes

The Perfect Covert Camera Solution For Private Investigators

For many private investigators in the world, there is always a need for an inconspicuous and versatile video recording device; especially for one that can be left in a clients home or business while drawing little to no attention to itself. There just so happens to be one device that serves as almost the perfect covert camera solution for these types of applications. So in that light lets learn about the ALC-DVR32SL, and how it can be used by private investigators the world over.

Covert & Low Key

The COP USA ALC-DVR32SL is about as covert as they come while being rather overt as well. The ALC-DVR32SL is in fact disguised as a functioning radio alarm clock. Note the functioning part, because unlike some other covert devices on the market, this device is in fact a radio and an alarm clock; as well as being a covert camera. So as far as most people are concerned when they see this device it is simply a radio alarm clock with a projection display; in fact it even plugs in like a normal alarm clock, thus adding to the illusion. So as stated before this is quite an ingeniously covert device while being overt and noticeable at the same time.


Not only does this covert camera have the ability to watch its surroundings, but it also has the ability to record to an SD card and it has adjustable DVR settings. This is a big deal as most covert devices only record in one standard mode and have very little that is adjustable. The ALC-DVR32SL however has settings such as image masking and motion detection, which are normally settings saved for established surveillance systems and components. In fact you can even set this covert alarm clock to record on a schedule, and this can be very beneficial to private investigators when they know of specific events that need to be captured or waited for.


Many covert cameras and devices on the market tend to be battery operated and only will give you a couple hours of recording time between charges. This is of benefit when it comes to the need for mobility, but for overnight or longer term covert surveillance this can be quite a drawback. The ALC-DVR32SL on the other hand is plugged in like a normal alarm clock and thus is able to power all of its functions (including the camera and DVR) continuously. This is also what makes it such a great standalone covert device for in home or business surveillance.

Rent It Out

One other benefit to private investigators and surveillance dealers in general is the ability to rent this device out as a temporary surveillance solution. You could in fact charge a daily rental fee for people to use this covert alarm clock if they have a surveillance issue they need to deal with for a few days. This not only would bring in extra cash to pay of the device itself, but would also be helpful as a lead in for new clients and customers.

Ultimately for private investigators this covert camera solution can be one of great benefit in quite a number of applications, and when it comes to having a bevy of tools at your disposal for your job; this is not one to be overlooked!

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