Pre-configured surveillance system or custom built?

Designing a surveillance system for you home or business can take a lot of time and research and support calls to your surveillance equipment provider and installer.  It can take an investment of both money and thought to build a system that is going to suit your needs perfectly.  Now on the bright side if you are looking into designing a system to fit your specific surveillance applications you don’t have to go it alone as their are equipment retailers such as CU1 (Industrial Covert Unlimited) who can help you design the system depending on your specifications.  With their help you can be sure to get a system that suits your particular situation and you wont have to purchase any unnecessary equipment.  Furthermore after procuring your equipment there are installers who are also more than willing to help implement and install your surveillance system that you have designed with your retailer.  These groups of support can definitely help take some of the hassle out of the whole process.  Note however that this route will generally cost more than installing and designing the system yourself would otherwise.

Pre-configured cctv surveillance system

Now on the other hand you may want to install the system yourself and feel confident enough in your technical ability to do so.  In this case you may also decide to go with a pre-built and configured system that takes even more guess work out of the products you will need.  Some examples of these type of systems can be found here: .  In doing this you may safe yourself some money in the long run that would have gone to 3rd party help, but you will need decide if this savings is worth the potential headache of designing and implementing the system yourself.

Ultimately the point being made here is that when you go about deciding to purchase a surveillance system for your home or business you should really decide upon at least a general idea of what you want implemented in your home or business and the complexity of the project.  If its a small scale home system it is probably a smart idea to go with a pre-configured system that is easy to install and setup by yourself.  The more complex your system becomes however may lead you to want to seek out 3rd party help in the design and installation process.

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