Protect Your Eyes & Record Your Surroundings

Spy like James Bond with a great covert camera that is disguised as a pair of sunglasses.  Sometimes you may need a hidden surveillance solution that can easily go undetected.  From clock cameras to covert car remotes; there is a large number of spy gadgets available on the market, but none quite as cool as the sunglasses camera.

We tend to find that the sunglasses security camera is one of the most versatile spy gadgets because it is more than just a covert camera.  In fact a number of different models out there include built in MP3 players, FM radios, and an audio recording mic.  In fact instead of using wires that also have to be concealed; sunglasses cameras like the SG35 include built in memory for video storage, and in fact even allow for additional memory to be added via mini SD cards.

Lets not forget that this covert camera also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays; now what other surveillance camera can do that?

COP-USA SG35 Covert Sunglasses Security Camera With 3.7mm Lens

COP-USA SG35 Covert Sunglasses

In fact the SG35 can be found here for comparison:

Here’s a few quick features as well:

* Covert Sunglasses Camera Design
* 3.7mm Pinhole Lens
* 420 TVL Resolution
* 1/8″ Color CDC Camera Sensor

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