Quick Home Surveillance

A lot of the time a quick surveillance solution is needed immediately after a break-in, theft, etc…  There are a variety of pre-made surveillance systems on the marketplace, but lets talk about one of the newer products released by Securityman.  The HomeDVR-KT1 is a handy single security camera system that is both wireless and includes a DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

The Securityman HomeDVR-KT1 is a pre-made surveillance system complete with a wireless camera and receiver that both run on a 900Mhz frequency to help avoid interference from other wireless devices.  Furthermore this system comes complete with the HomeDVR and remote which is a handy video recorder that can record straight to an SD card as found in most digital cameras.  This system also includes great standard features such as motion detection, night vision, and USB back up.

Securityman HomeDVR-KT1 Wireless Night Vision DVR & Security Camera KitOther Features Include:

* Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y), easy to setup and use

* Small scale security system for home and business

* Compact size outdoor/indoor wireless camera (SM-302TX) with audio

* Wireless transmission up to 100ft without Wi-Fi
interference or interference from 2.4Hz/5.8GHz devices.

* Built-in IR LEDs camera for night vision up to 23 (B/W)

* Future upgradable by adding 1 more wired camera (select one active channel for recording)

* Records audio and video to SD card (up to 32GB)

* Up to 24-404 hours recording time for a 32GB (not included)

* Overwrites when SD is full

* Schedule, manual, or motion detection recording

* USB port for backup, download, and playback

So if your in the market for a handy, easy to use, and quickly installing surveillance solution; then you may want to give the HomeDVR-KT1 a try.

This great cctv product can be found here:  http://www.cu1.com/homedvrkt1.html

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