Rackmount Your New Smart-AVI Equipment

So we’ve been toting and talking about our lineup of Smart-AVI home theater and surveillance equipment lately, and well were not quite done doing that.  We do have at least one more product that we’d like to talk about and it’s one that can compliment a lot of the other products we’ve already mentioned.

The Smart-AVI SmartRack is a rackmount half shelf that can be used to mount and secure multiple Smart-AVI products; including their video distribution equipment and home theater accessories.  In fact more accurately the SmartRack is a 1U rack-mountable shelf that allows for small devices such as extenders, splitters, and switches to be mounted in all 2-post and 4-post 19” server racks.


So if you’ve decided to upgrade your home theater system, then why not keep it all in a clean and organized installation?


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