Review of the PalmCam Wireless Rearview Camera

The PalmCam by Securityman is such a versatile wireless portable camera that I felt it was time to address some of its most practical uses. Additionally I will go over some of its key features and how they perform and work together.

PalmCam Uses:

Before we go over the many uses of the PalmCam, it should be noted that all of these uses take full advantage of the wireless nature of this device. Therefore it will be implied as part of the benefit to each of these applications.

Trailer/Rearview/Backup Camera

Regularly hauling trailers, U-Hauls, or boats? Would you like the ability to make backing up these loads a lot easier? This is what the PalmCam was designed for! By using the magnetic mount and charging up your camera, you can have a backup camera on the trailer or boat itself. Backing up will become a breeze and you’ll no longer have to guess at the distance from your target location. Additionally this will help alleviate the need for a second person to help guide you into your spot; so if you’re out and about on your own, the PalmCam has you covered.

The PalmCam can also serve as a backup or rearview camera for your vehicle. Maybe you have an older car or truck that you love, and you really want a backup camera added on to it. With the PalmCam you can quickly and easily realize your dream. In fact maybe your kids are just learning to drive or have bought their first car. This can make a great safety feature to help them learn to properly backup and park.

Weatherproof Portable Wireless Rearview Camera System

Portable Baby Monitor

Like to spend time with friends and family? Have a newborn or small child that you want to keep an eye on when in others people’s homes? With the Palmcam you have a cost effective and portable baby monitor at your disposal that is easy to operate and can easily provide you with a way to keep track of your little ones while they nap, play, or whatever.

Portable Security

Maybe you’re a private eye, maybe you travel a lot, or maybe you want to watch various parts of your property for short periods of time. Whatever the reason might be, this device can provide a great solution when it comes to portable security.

Additionally by having a video output, an outdoor housing, IR LEDs for nighttime viewing, and a transmission distance of 100m. This temporary security camera can integrate right into existing surveillance systems if need be.

Mechanical Inspection Camera

Need to inspect some potential repairs on a house, in a crawl space, under a car, etc… What if you can only fit one person in the area needing inspection? With the PalmCam in hand, that person can transmit back everything they see and make sure all involved parties are on the same page when it comes time to repair or work on the situation. All they have to do is give the monitor to one person, and then charge the camera and give it to the person going in to do the inspecting.

PalmCam Features:


The resolution of this unit is not HD, in fact it only has a standard 480TVL resolution, but for temporary applications and the various uses we’ve discussed, it is more than sufficient. So as to whether you consider this a downfall of the product or not, I think that the practicality and versatility of the unit outweighs this shortcoming.

Wireless Frequency

The PalmCam uses an old 2.4Ghz analog wireless frequency for transmission. This is the same type of frequency that could be picked up in neighborhoods by just using a wireless baby monitor and getting close enough to be in range. So while it is possible for someone else to view your camera (although rather unlikely) if mainly used for the temporary uses we’ve discussed, it should not be an issue to concern yourself with. If you decide however you want a more permanent security presence, then you may want to think of getting a different camera.

IR LEDs & Weatherproofing

This is a great feature of the PalmCam, because it adds to the versatility of the camera. With the IR LEDs this wireless camera is able to see and be used at night in low and no light conditions. Furthermore the weather has little effect on the unit as it is encased in a weatherproof housing. This makes the unit especially versatile in rougher weather such as rain and snow.

Ultimately the PalmCam is one tough and versatile piece of CCTV equipment that can be used in many different situations.

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