Secure Your Business With Smoke Detectors

Looking to covertly secure your business with both video and audio surveillance?  Well we have a few different products that can help you do just that.  In fact all of these products are covert and made to look like smoke detectors!

Firstly is our smoke detector camera.  This device can capture video discretely and then store it on an SD card, or it can be recorded via a DVR. Additionally this covert camera has built in WiFi!


Next up is for those needing audio surveillance.  This device of course is also disguised as a smoke detector, but in it resides a uni-directional microphone with a 15′ pickup radius.  Additionally this microphone comes with a 6′ cable and with the proper equipment can also be recorded to a DVR.


Finally we do have 1 final covert smoke detector camera to show you.  This camera is the last one available and is extremely discounted as of this posting.  We won’t say anything more, just take a look and act fast.


NOTE: These may or MAY NOT be functioning SMOKE detectors. They may just be a concealing shell for the surveillance product!

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