Security Camera Mounting and Housing Hints

Security Camera Mounting and Housing Hints
By Christian M Gillman

So you have it in your head to get a security camera to protect your home or business. That sounds like a great idea; however it is imperative you first take the time and consider how you plan on mounting and housing your security camera. Most likely when you purchase your security camera it will come with a simplistic mounting solution that will require you to either mount it standing up on a flat surface, or you will have to screw holes into your wall and angle the mount towards what you want the camera to see. This can be a fine solution for many people and they may not need to think on it any further; however people with varying conditions may want to consider some of the following possibilities.

Environmental Conditions

What type of environment do you plan on housing or mounting your camera in? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Is there a chance of the camera being tampered with? These considerations can lead into whether you want a vandal proof housing solution or maybe a housing unit with features such as a heater and blower for enduring the outside weather elements.

Mounting Surface

Another element to consider when deciding on how to mount your security camera is the type of surface your mounting to. For a lot of people they have no problem drilling a couple screw holes into their wall to mount their security camera. In some instances however this may not be possible for places that may have to mount to a surface such as metal, brick, etc.. It is at this point that a standard mount has problems performing and a SMC magnetic mount or a double sided stick CCTV mount (G-MONMT) may need to be found as an alternative.

Pan / Tilt Possibilities

Sometimes the ability to pan and tilt your camera may be a very important feature and this can lead into some very expensive security cameras. There is the alternative however to buy a normal CS mount type camera and then purchase a Pan / Tilt mounting system. This can save a lot of money at times and still provide you with the ability to change you camera angle on the fly.

Angle / Positioning

Lastly to consider is where do you plan on mounting you camera. Simply put do you need a mount for securing your camera to the wall, ceiling, standing upright structure, etc..? This is an important question to know the answer to as it can sometimes determine if certain mounts will fit your needs and be able to mount the way you want them to.

By taking the time to consider these situations and mounting / housing possibilities you can save yourself a headache down the road and make sure that you are prepared to get your security camera up and running quickly and efficiently.

Examples of security camera housings and mounts can be found here:

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