Security Camera Styles

Security Camera Styles

By Christian M Gillman

When choosing a security camera there are a lot of features and options to consider; but the first decision that is usually made is the style that is needed. From bullet to dome style cameras; there are a lot of options.

Dome Style Security Cameras

A dome camera is a half sphere shaped housing with a camera inside that is securely mounted to look out through the plastic dome. These cameras are usually used when a heavy duty and sometimes vandal resistant solution is needed. Furthermore this type of security camera is easily mounted to a wall or ceiling via its flat base.

In addition these cameras can sometimes offer pan/tilt solutions at a much more affordable rate than it would be to make another style perform this function.

A good example of this style of cctv camera can be found by Googling the KPC-DNN100.

Bullet Style Security Cameras

Sometimes known as lipstick cameras (due to there long cylindrical shape), this style is often used in outdoor applications. These cameras offer a lot of features including IR capabilities, indoor/outdoor use, sunshields, and weatherproof casings. Bullet cameras do require a little more work when mounting as they will use a separate mount to secure to your building.

A good example of this style of cctv camera can be found by Googling the KPC-N300NN.

KT&C KPC-N300NN IR CCTV Bullet Security Camera 420TVL Resolution

Box Style (C/CS Mount) Security Cameras

C/CS mount security cameras are one of the more commonly pictured and known types of camera; these cameras have a major downfall however when compared to dome and bullet style cameras. This downfall has to do with outdoor use, and the reason for this is because they will need an additional housing enclosure to help protect and cope with outside elements. Furthermore this style surveillance camera needs an additional lens mounted to it; where as most dome and bullet style security cameras have their lenses integrated.

A good example of this style of cctv camera can be found by Googling the CLD54D.

Mini & Board Security Cameras

Mini and board cameras are smaller form factor surveillance cameras that generally are only a couple inches in size. These cameras are sometimes the camera that is found inside of a dome camera housing; and they also are commonly used for custom covert surveillance applications.

A good example of these style cctv cameras can be found by Googling the 15-CG35.

Covert Security Cameras

Covert cameras are anything from custom made solutions to specifically designed devices that disguise a camera as household products such as alarm clocks, sunglasses, smoke detectors, etc…

A good example of a pre-designed covert solution can be found by Googling the COP-USA SG35.

All of the different style surveillance cameras have their pros and cons, and it is really dependent on your surveillance application. For instance if you’re looking for an outdoor solution with IR capabilities; you may want to look through dome style and bullet style models rather than a C/CS solution. On the flip side however if you value a bit more customization and lens exchange; then it would be a wiser decision to look at getting a standard box style solution.

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