SecurityMan Air-Alarm for DIY Security

Air-Alarm is a state-of-the-art wireless alarm system kit for homes and businesses.
Especially during these dire economic times, the need to have control and security becomes a foremost priority. It is also common knowledge that many homes and small businesses do not have alarm system installed and the few that do are typically ones that required monitoring by a security company which requires contracts and monthly fees.

Residences of apartments, condos, mobile homes, and small houses; along with small businesses like offices, retail stores, restaurants, etc., are now able to add some security and have peace of mind at a minimum cost of investment. Air-Alarm provides several benefits to users:

No monthly service fee. With Air-Alarm, you can monitor your home or business yourself via a telephone line. There are no monthly fees to a security company. The system will alert you by phone call in any alarm event. Simply input up to five phone numbers that you want the system to call. The phone number could be yours, a neighbor’s, a relative’s and/or your best friend’s. In a case of alarm event, it will call one phone number at a time in priority until someone answers. The alarm call will give an alarm sound at default to alert you. You may also change the alarm sound to be a short verbal message (up to 9 seconds) to let you or your desired contact person know that it is a call concerning your home/business alarm. You can arm or disarm Air-Alarm system remotely through your phone’s numeric keypad.

Easy installation and user friendly With its wireless technology, anyone can install the Air-Alarm easily in minutes.

Running wire cables around your home/business and the assistance of a professional installer is not required. Simply mount all the components at desired locations, plug in all power adapters (host and siren), turn all the power on, connect the phone line, input the phone number(s), and you are ready to go. The batteries are included in some components (remote controller and sensors) may last up to 2 years. The main host also includes a backup rechargeable battery (up to 8 hrs) in case of power outage. You can easily arm/disarm by remote controller, telephone, or main host keypad.

Expandable to up to 60 sensors & 8 remote controllers The basic model Air-Alarm1 includes one main host, one wireless PIR motion sensor, one wireless door/window sensor, one wireless indoor siren, and two wireless remote controllers with panic button. Wireless smoke sensor, wireless panic button, and wireless outdoor siren are also available as optional add-on items. And, it allows you to add up to 60 sensors in total including detectors and sirens and up to 8 remote controllers.

That should be more than enough for covering any average home or business. All the sensors can be smartly deployed into three defense lines – 24hr Defense Line (i.e. emergency panic buttons and smoke sensors), 1st Defense Line (i.e. door/window sensors), and 2nd Defense Line (i.e. PIR motions sensors in living rooms, bed rooms, and hallways). Therefore, you could arm or disarm all or partially depending on whether you are at home/business or not.
Air-Alarm MSRP is $159.99, with a one-year warranty. To know more details of the product, please visit

Air-Alarm can be configured with different components for a desired system.

The basic model Air-Alarm1 package includes:
• 1 x control panel (SM-8088E)
• 1 x wireless indoor siren (SM-103W)
• 1 x wireless outdoor siren (SM-103)
• 1 x wireless smoke sensor (SM-93)
• 2 x wireless motion sensor (SM-80)
• 4 x wireless door/window sensor (SM-87B)
• 2 x remote controller (SM-88X)

Air-Alarm1 product features and specifications
• Easy-to-use and cost-effective D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) wireless intruder alarm system kit.
• Supports up to 60 wireless sensors (15 wireless defense zones and 4 wireless sensors per zone).
• Transmit at 430-433MHz frequency band, wireless transmitting distance up to 300 feet (remote controller, smoke sensor, & siren) and up to 450 feet (magnetic door/window sensor & PIR motion sensor).
• Supports up to 5 phone numbers for auto alarm call and 1 management center protocol(CID).
• Armed/disarmed by remote controller, phone call, or host’s keypad.
• Easy “one-key” armed/disarmed operation.
• Programmable silent alarm or audible alarm.
• Recordable alarm voice message (up to 9 seconds record time).
• Telephone line disconnection alarm sound every 5 seconds.
• Smart 3 defense lines configuration-1st defense line is the perimeter, 2nd defense line for in-room, & 24-hour defense line).
• Internal rechargeable backup battery in alarm host last up to 8 hours.
• Battery (alkaline) included for remote controllers, wireless door sensor, and wireless motion sensor last up to 2 years.
• Programmable password.
• Ademco CID compatible protocol Specifications: Alarm Host (SM-8088E)
• Operating power: 9-15VDC
• Maximum available quantity of remote controllers: 8 PCS
• Maximum available quantity of wireless sensors: 60 PCS
• Rechargeable battery: Ni-Mh(4.8V), 600mAh, up to 8hrs long.
• Speaker Siren 100dB (built-in)

Wireless Remote Controller (SM-88X)
• Operating power: 27A 12V alkaline battery
• Wireless Transmitting distance: ?300ft (in open area)
• Service life: ?2 years
• Wireless Door/Window Sensor (SM-87B)
• Operating power: 23A 12V alkaline battery
• Wireless Transmitting distance: ?450ft (in open area)
• Service life: ? 2 years
• Alarm Distance: < 4cm

Wireless Wide-Angle PIR Motion Sensor (SM-80)
• Operating power: 9V alkaline battery
• Wireless Transmitting distance: ?450ft (in open area)
• Service life: ?2 years
• Detecting distance: 100° 10x10m

Wireless Indoor Siren (SM-103W)
• Operating Power: 100 to 240VAC
• Receiving Distance:?300ft (In open area)
• Siren Sound 120dB

Wireless Outdoor Siren (SM-103)
• Operating Power: 100 to 240VAC, 50Hz
• Siren Sound 120dB
• Maximum Alarm Sound with flash : 3 minutes
• Wireless Transmitting Distance > 300ft (in open area)
• Built-in 6VDC rechargeable backup battery (up to 100 hours)

Wireless Smoke Sensor(SM-93)
• Operating power 9V (Alkaline Battery)
• Wireless Transmitting distance > 300ft (in open area)
• Service life < 2 years
• Monitoring range: 20m2

About SecurityMan, Inc.
Based in Ontario, California, SecurityMan Inc. (a.k.a. Teklink Security Inc.) has been selling SecurityMan branded security products successfully through most regional or nationwide retailers, mass merchants, and direct mailers since 1999.  SecurityMan products are mainly designed for homes and small businesses in D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) concept – easy to install/use and low cost at satisfied quality.  SecurityMan helps homes and small businesses owners obtain enhanced security at minimum investment. SecurityMan products include wireless home alarm system, wireless and wired camera kits, monitors, DVRs (digital video recorders), and remote monitoring systems. For more information and find out where to purchase, please visit

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