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When people think of surveillance or security for their homes or businesses they usually first think expensive and complicated. Many citizens tend to think of an alarm system or security camera to protect your assets to be a luxury for people with extra pocket money and time to spend on the equipment and installation; not to mention the upkeep and maintenance if something were to break or go wrong with the system. For quite a while this was the truth of the matter for the most part, but this was before SecurityMan entered the scene.

Being founded in 1999 and going strong ever since SecurityMan is a surveillance manufacturer that specializes in making low cost yet high quality wireless security equipment such as cameras, monitors, and alarm systems for both home and small business use. With Securityman selling their products in retail outlets such as Home Depot and Walmart they were able to show the community that they too could afford a personal security system for their homes. The surveillance equipment that SecurityMan produces is not only affordable, but with a small amount of time very easy to understand and use for even the most technologically inept.

To give example of the type of equipment that Securityman offers and how easy it is to use we will take a look at the extremely popular Mini-Airwatch camera system. This single camera solution consists of a wireless camera and receiver running on a 2.4GHz frequency with each of these components being very easily setup. First off the camera needs only to be set to a channel (1-4) and plugged into an outlet and placed towards whatever needs to be viewed. Then the receiver must also be plugged into an outlet and then via an A/V cable connected to your TV to view your camera, and its that simple.

Now this is the most basic of setups and in no way is the limit as to what can be done with this system. This particular setup can have an additional 3 cameras added for different areas needing viewing around the house. The receiver will take in the four signals and then all that you have to do is shuffle through them and watch which one you wish to on your TV. Furthermore this all can be take even a step further by connecting the receiver to a VCR or DVR so you can record your cameras for later viewing when you are away from your home or business.

Some people may read this and quickly state that in their homes this isn’t something they could use because it would interfere with their 2.4GHz phone system. Well this is a very true statement; however do not panic. Securityman has addressed this issue and has a very similar system known as the Clearcam system which runs on a 900MHz frequency as to avoid any interference in the signal.

Ultimately Securityman has narrowed the gap between who can protect their homes and businesses with a security system and who can’t. With both indoor and outdoor possibilities along with different frequencies and adjustments for all kinds of environments Securityman is quite a provider of solutions for anyone and everyone’s security needs.

To learn more about this company they have a website full of information at

If interested in picking up any of their fine products they have links to their certified distributor CU1 on each product, and can offer even more tech support and help in choosing which of their fine products is right for you.

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