Still Need Black and White Cameras?

We have some extraordinary sales going on for a number of different black and white cameras that we have left available.  We have priced these cameras to move and have bulk quantity pricing for a number of them.  These are C/CS mount camera that all have options for a variety of lenses that can provide all kinds of viewing angles for your surveillance system.  Additionally you can get a mount for only $3 when purchased with the camera.  So if you still need a black and white camera for your setup, or just want an extremely low lux camera, we have some great options available for a limited time.

Take a look at these beauties!

The COP USA CB22, get 100 of these for $550.  That’s $5.50 per camera!!!


The COP USA CC35ED, this camera can go to a great 620TVL resolution at night!

CC35EDThe COP USA CB25 has a great Sony 1/3″ CCD sensor! Wait this ones actually a color image!

CB25The COP USA CC32B has a 600TVL resolution and a 0.5 Lux rating.

CC32BThe COP USA CC45WD has a crazy amazing 0.0008 LUX rating, HOLY COW!  What’s more is this is another color camera that snuck into the mix!


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