Surveillance CRT’s – Going The Way Of The Dodo

It’s no mystery that as time marches on CRT technology is becoming more and more obsolete.  In fact very few surveillance manufacturers have any kind of surveillance CRT’s available anymore, and the few that do are usually only trying to rid themselves of their remaining stock before abandoning them completely.  Now this is proving to be quite the problem for some businesses who rely on the robustness of CRT’s vs an LCD option that may not be able to handle the hazardous conditions like a CRT can.  Manufacturing plants and power plants are feeling this crunch the most, so there is a large scramble to get their hands on as many remaining CRTs as they can.  So as a warning towards the future if a CRT option is something that is needed in your surveillance applications then it would be a good idea to start thinking about his now rather than later when their may no longer exist a CRT option.

Costar CMC2100N 21” High Performance Color Monitor with OSD

One good solution that can still be found at the moment is provided by Costar and at a reasonable price.  They offer the Costar CMC2100N which is a very high performance 21″ security monitor solution and for the time being they still have a decent stock available.

These monitors can be found here:

Furthermore if you wish to know more about the future of surveillance monitors especially in regards to CRT’s vs LCD’s then you can find a great article on the subject here:

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