Surveillance – Helpful Installation Tools

For a lot of surveillance installers out there the installation of a customers surveillance system is not the end of their interaction with that customer.  Generally further maintenance and support will be needed down the road.  Since this is the case it is a good idea to have a few handy troubleshooting tools around.  Items such as a quality crimp tool, a diagnostic test meter, and a portable surveillance test monitor are examples of tools that could be extremely valuable to a surveillance installer.  In fact lets look at a couple of these tools and the benefit they can offer.

A Quality Crimp Tool

A quality crimp tool can be a life saver when installing long runs of varying CCTV cable lengths.  By having a crimp tool that’s reliable and able to handle the task at hand; you can save yourself a great deal of stress.  These tools provide a surveillance installer the ability to cut custom cctv cables and crimp the appropriate connection ends on to them.  An example of a handy crimp tool can be found here:

A Diagnostic Test Meter

By having a diagnostic test meter among their arsenal of troubleshooting tools; a surveillance installer will save themselves countless hours when it comes time to try and diagnose a signal error in a large surveillance system.  Whether it is the need to determine where a signal is losing power or if a cable in the system is bad the diagnostic test meter will help with this immensely.  A great example of a high quality test meter is Difinitron’s VM-417 test meter as seen here:

Portable Test Monitor

With a a portable test monitor at your side you will quickly be able to determine a video signals quality at various locations throughout the surveillance system, and thus diagnose any problems more efficiently.  A great portable test monitor with a 5.6″ creen and full service kit can be found here:

Everfocus EN220 CCTV Surveillance Test MonitorWhen a surveillance installer is equipped with tools such as these; they will make their life much more stress free and be able to install their customers surveillance systems in a fraction of the time it would take without.

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