Surveillance Installation Tools – What They Can Do For You

Surveillance Installation Tools – What They Can Do For You

By Christian M Gillman

If you’re a surveillance installer; then you’re probably familiar with a whole range of diagnostic and installation tools that can help make the job a lot easier; just in case you’re new to surveillance installation however, let’s go over some of the more common tools and what they can do for you.

Test Monitor

Test monitors are generally small in size ranging from 3 to 8 inches, and they are usually portable. It could be argued that a test monitor is one of the best diagnostic and installation tools to have when installing surveillance equipment.

A test monitor will allow you to perform multiple functions ranging from being able to angle your security camera at its source to get the optimal picture, being able to check your security cameras focus settings, and also making sure your cable connections are solid and interference free.

These are a few of the functions that a good test monitor can perform, and a great example of a high resolution and extremely portable test monitor can be seen in the example set by the COP-USA MC3.5H-BP.

Diagnostic Meter

Diagnostic meters can be a bit on the pricey side of things, but they are an absolute must for the highly involved and large scale surveillance installer. With a diagnostic test meter such as the Difinitron VM-417; you can perform functions such as checking your cables line levels to make sure all of your cables are transmitting properly and that your signal is strong.

This tool is a critical asset in pinpointing connection and transmission problems in your system when they arise. Since these tools are very complex and have a wide array of features we won’t go over them in detail, but it is worth noting that this tool can help solve some of the most annoying surveillance installation debacles.

Ground Loop Isolator

Interference can occur at any time in any part of your surveillance system without warning and coming from all kinds of sources. By having a ground loop isolator at the ready, you can help to diagnose or fix this problem rather quickly.

To put it simply, a ground loop isolator will help refine your video signal in your cctv cable and help to eliminate bars or lines or other picture abnormalities that are caused by interference. A good quality ground loop isolator is provided by COP-USA in the form of the 15-GL01.

Crimpers & Cable Strippers

Most any surveillance installer will have a decent set of cable crimpers and stripping tools at the ready. These provide you with the ability to quickly replace and reinstall broken cable ends when necessary.

All of the tools we have mentioned can create a formidable arsenal when combating surveillance installation issues.

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