Surveillance System Checklist

Surveillance System Checklist

By Christian M Gillman

Buying a pre-made surveillance system? Building your own surveillance system from scratch? Maybe you need to evaluate a surveillance setup and its equipment. Whatever the case may be this handy checklist will help in making sure you the proper surveillance equipment.

Security Cameras

The CCTV product that will be placed at your designated location to view an area and report what it sees to your recording device.

CCTV Lenses

Required by some security cameras and built in to others. Needed to focus and achieve a proper picture for your security camera.

Recording Equipment

A device connected to your security cameras in some way to record and store your video signals for later viewing and use. Examples include VCR’s, DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders), etc…

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CCTV Cables

Not applicable in wireless surveillance systems; however this refers to the medium used to transmit your video signal from your cameras to your recording device or viewing equipment.


Additional connectors or adapters that are needed to ensure a proper connection between your cables and CCTV products. Examples include BNC, VGA, Coax, RCA, etc…

Viewing Equipment

A device that allows you to view your video signal after or during its transmission. Examples include CCTV monitors, computer screens, TV’s, smart phones, etc…


Proper tools needed to install and implement a surveillance system into someones home or business. Examples include crimp tools, wrenches, diagnostic test meters (Installers Mainly), etc…

Mounts / Housings

Additional items needed such as housings and mounts to make sure your surveillance equipment is properly secured and protected from the elements, vandals, etc…

An Installer

Whether it be you, an uncle, or a hired professional; make sure you have someone who is technologically adept and somewhat handy; to be able to install and implement your surveillance equipment.

Additional Accessories

Any other piece of surveillance equipment to help enhance your system. Items such as microphones for audio recording, warning signs to indicate surveillance is being used, or infrared illuminators for nighttime recording would fall into this category.

Hopefully this brief and slimmed down checklist will help surveillance professionals and end users alike make sure they have the proper equipment needed for a fully functioning and quality surveillance system. It should be noted however that most of these categories can be expanded upon greatly in themselves and a surveillance professional may still need to be contacted for the best end result when building and picking out a surveillance system.

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