Tech Shortage Is Coming

Tech Shortage Is Coming

By Christian M Gillman

This article is time sensitive and if your reading this a year from now in 2012 it may not be as true or true at all. If you are reading it in the summer of 2011 it is extremely important to know that the gadgets and gizmos you love so much; may soon be very hard to come by.

All the demand for amazing products such as the Canon 5D Mark 2 or the iPad2 or the N300NN security camera; combined with the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan has led to one inevitable result; an inability to get high enough quality and quantities of the chips and processors that make these amazing gadgets run.

As stock is running out on your favorite gizmos including surveillance equipment and CCTV products; we are reaching a point where the ability to get these fine items, especially in the surveillance industry, but all over the tech world is going to be harder and harder.

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This is already happening as I have seen some of the most popular CCTV products reduced to only one or two left in stock with no more coming until October or November, and still in very limited quantities. With this reality and information in mind it has made some resellers and distributors stock up early, but when these supplies run out there will almost inevitably be a rise in price as the demand continues to rise with limited supply. The closer we get to June and especially July of 2011 we are going to see fewer and fewer tech products available as their supplies dwindle without quick replenishment.

Furthermore for the smaller scale tech creators it will take a longer time to restock their products as bigger named companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc… will get higher priority.

So if you know that in the near future you are going to be needing that key piece of surveillance equipment or wanting that really cool spy gadget; you may want to look at getting it soon as it may not be available for long; and if it is available in a month or so; you may be facing a higher price than you would have otherwise. There is of course the patient route in which you can always wait the 6 months or so and get your surveillance equipment then; otherwise you may want to act fast before it’s too late.

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