The COP-USA DVRH264-E4 DVR – A Review

The COP-USA DVRH264-E4 DVR – A Review
By Christian M Gillman

There are a lot of DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) to choose from in the surveillance world, and knowing which one to pick is tricky business. In any case let’s take a look at some of the benefits and features offered by the COP-USA DVRH264-E4.

Great Price Point

Lets face it; this is the first thing most people are going to look at, and with a price range of around $200 this DVR has a lot the features that are usually saved for higher priced models. This price however does not include an HDD (Hard Drive), so it is important to figure in an additional amount for this as well. The hard drive price will depend on the size of the unit as well.

A Great Set Of Features

This DVR has all the features that a small business or home might hope for.

Networkable Remote Access

With the DVRH264-E4 you are quite easily able to set up a remote access solution that can be viewed from all kinds of locations. All you need to do to make this possible is have an internet connection to your DVR, and then go through a bit of menu setup.

In fact after you have all this setup you will even be able to access your DVR and view your video footage with your various smartphones; such as the iPhone, Android based phones, and windows smartphones.

Backups & Alerts

This digital video recorder also comes with the ability to be backed up via a USB port located on the front of the DVR; which makes the storing and archiving of surveillance footage quick and painless.

Furthermore you can setup the DVRH264-E4 to alert you via an Email if your motion sensors are tripped and your DVR begins to record.


Other features that this DVR includes are things such as full D1 resolution recording, a remote control, RS485 control for PTZ units, and many others that make this a very versatile digital video recorder.

Simplicity Of Use

This alone is one of the most appealing features of the COP-USA DVRH264-E4. With its menu design it offers an extremely user friendly working environment for even less technologically adept customers.

In fact by having a heavy icon and GUI driven menu it makes navigation and setup quick and painless when setting up your surveillance system.

Ultimately when it comes down to it; this digital video recorder offers an amazing solution for smaller application surveillance systems, and in fact there is even an 8 channel version available (DVRH264-E8) for larger installations.

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