Tips For A Quick Surveillance System

Tips For A Quick Surveillance System

By Christian M Gillman

Having talked about how to build a surveillance system in more detail; this article aims to simply put together a quick list with brief descriptions of the various components you may need to consider when building a surveillance system for your home or business.

Security Cameras

When building your security system the first component to think about will be your security cameras. Do they need to be indoor/outdoor, weatherproof, vandal proof, have zoom capabilities? Basically have a good idea as to the environment in which your security cameras will be operating.


Subsequently after considering what security camera you want to go with, you will need to also determine whether you need to purchase a specified CCTV lens with options such as varifocal or fixed focal lengths. This may not be necessary if you purchased a camera already equipped with an integrated lens.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

What will you be recording your security camera footage to? You will need to think of specifications such as hard drive size, security camera inputs, and upgrade-ability. The ability to upgrade is key because you don’t want to purchase a 4 channel DVR and then a year down the road decide you need an 8.

Pre-configured cctv surveillance system


How will you be monitoring your surveillance system? Do you need a separate CCTV security monitor with a built-in quad, or are you going to use your PC monitor connected to your computer? Furthermore what size screen will you be most comfortable with?

Wiring / Cables

How do you plan on getting your video signal to your DVR? Will you be using wireless equipment or are you going to need long runs of CCTV cables such as power video BNC or CAT network cable?

CCTV Connectors

Will you need connection adapters to make sure your cable can connect to your cameras and DVR? If so what kind? BNC to RCA, Coax to BNC, etc…?


How do you plan on powering your system? It’s a good idea to consider whether you will be using a centralized power box to power your security cameras, or if you will be powering each component individually at their source.


How do you plan on mounting your surveillance system? This will play into whether or not you need additional mounting equipment for cameras or even your DVR with equipment such as rack-mount cases.

These are a few basic components that most people should consider when thinking about purchasing a surveillance system. With these categories in mind it will help when talking with a surveillance equipment dealer and figuring out what you need at your facility.

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