Ultimate Surveillance – Add Audio

Ultimate Surveillance – Add Audio

By Christian M Gillman

A standard surveillance system using cctv cameras can be a great asset in your home or business, and it can provide a modicum of safety and peace of mind for your applications. Why not go the extra mile however; and provide a complete surveillance experience by adding audio capabilities.

Before we go into the possibilities of what you can do with audio surveillance, it is good to know that there are some legal issues surrounding the use of audio recording devices, and you should consult with an attorney or look up your local laws before using audio capable devices.

This is rather imperative as you don’t want to have an audio system installed and be using it, only to find out that the evidence has to be dismissed due to a legal technicality.

Catch The Crook

With an audio recording device to accompany your surveillance cameras; you now have the capabilities to catch whatever noises and or conversations your trespassers may have. This could lead to a possible slip up and revealing of their names, plans, or other useful information to prosecute them with.

Most all audio surveillance devices allow you to not only monitor but also record the audio to a DVR alongside your surveillance footage.

Scare Them Off

With a lot of the newer audio surveillance devices on the market today you have the option of two way communication. This means that if you are monitoring your surveillance system from home or some remote location, you can still have a little bit of fun and mess with the burglar.

With a two way audio surveillance system you can speak directly from your remote location and have the sound transmitted to a speaker at your facility. So when someone breaks into your establishment; it’s time to put on your best Darth Vader voice and scare the jerks away.

A company called ETS (Electronic Technical Services) offers a great variety of this type of audio surveillance equipment.

Provide Even More Evidence

By having both video and audio together you can create a larger amount of evidence to use against the perp; and even though the audio may seem useless to you on some occasions it may prove more beneficial to the police who will have a better idea of what to listen and look for when creating a case. Basically the more evidence you have the better chance of a conviction.

Ultimately you can create a great surveillance system with your security cameras and make it completely bad ass by adding audio to it as well for the complete security package.

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