Unleash The Kraken!

Holy Powerhouse!! The Gen IV NVR616-64-4K aims to please when it comes to high powered surveillance systems. This NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a monster made to record 4K 12MP video resolutions and keep on trucking. Not only does this NVR record such ultra HD resolution, it also can store it on up to 16 hard drives for a ton of room and backup.

64 Channel 3U 4K Resolution NVR W/ 12MP Support & 16HDD Bays

Now you may be thinking to yourself that this is overkill, and maybe for a small home setup it is; but this 4k NVR is meant for extreme surveillance of your business or corporate setting. Features for this network video recorder are equally impressive with full ONVIF support for use with a variety of security cameras, HDMI output for use with HD and Ultra HD TV’s, and RAID support for quick backup of sensitive video files.

OH WAIT! We forgot about the best part! The NVR616-64-4K NVR has 64 wide open channels for use with IP cameras to cover a wide area; which makes it perfect for high end businesses.

Amazed as we are?  Take a look! http://www.cu1.com/nvr616644k.html

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